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Workshops designed to Empower, Engage, Enrich and assist in fostering positive change in the lives of at-risk male youth and systematic change within the institutions, organizations and systems serving them. This division offers workshops, seminars & consultations to entities seeking to strengthen and improve their work with at-risk male youth.

Saving and Endangered Species: The Black Male
Designed to empower, engage and educate while providing the tools, techniques and information that will assist individuals, institutions and organizations
Identifying & Unloading the Excess Baggage
An energetic, innovative and engaging workshop that uses poetry, dialogue and discussion to assist individuals working with at-risk youth
Lessons Every Young Leader Must Learn
An energetic, fast-paced workshop using poetry, dialogue, team building exercises and proven Powerhouse formulas to aid youth in making decisions
Before You Approach: Know Who You Are Approaching
To foster an environment of thinking and sharing of ideas, strategies and experiences gained from our 11 years of working with at-risk African-American males
Does Male Presence Matter: Can A Mother Be Both Father and Mother
To engage participants in a thought-provoking conversation regarding the importance of having a positive and consistent father figure in the life of male youth
Bringing Hope to a Hopeless Population
To seek to understand individuals who are in despair and crisis and assist participants in identifying daily baggage associated with youth in despair
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Who We Focus
Target Market

The Community Powerhouse Program has significantly decreased the amount of criminal and risky behaviors of 866 male youth of all ethnicities in Lancaster County.

  • Black Males 16 – 24
  • 3rd – 4th Grade Reading Level
  • No Father Figure or Male Role Model
  • Angry
  • Do Drugs or Smoke
  • Sexually Active
  • Involved in Gang Activity
  • Have Sold Illegal Drugs
  • Limited Life Skills
  • Basic Hygiene Issues
franchise packages

Sparking Hope. Igniting Optimism.

Creating the Currents for a Brighter Future.

Empowerment Sessions are held three (3) days per week (Monday, Wednesday & Thursday from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m.). Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are days set aside for individual counseling, job coaching, assisting with completing individual job applications, interview preparation and case management.

Franchising Package

/ 4 participants
  • 3 Day Training Session
  • Program Implementation
  • Travel
  • (3) Nights Hotel Accommodations
  • (1) Trainer
  • (2) Booster Sessions
  • Review of Program Fidelity
  • Facilitator Boardroom Shadowing
  • Feedback & Assistance

Strategic Planning Mtg

/ per session
  • 2 Hrs. Strategic Planning
  • Program Implementation
  • Travel
  • (1) Night Hotel Accommodations
  • (1) Trainer
  • Cost Analysis
  • Setup, location, incentive payouts, etc.

Powerhouse Boardroom Setup

/ 15 participants
  • (19) Bonded Leather Highback Chairs
  • (2) Facilitators
  • (19) Desk Sets
  • Powerbroker Board Manual
  • (20) Color Wall Quotes
  • (19) Miriam Webster Dictionaries

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