The Community Powerhouse has been in existence since November 22, 2004.  In those fourteen years, the program has served 517 at-risk males through its Prevention and Intervention Models.  Each year we survey our participants to evaluate our program’s effectiveness. The survey factors in the participant’s attitudes towards themselves, their changes in behavior as well as towards the various components used within the curriculum to foster change.

Lancaster High School (LHS) and Eastside Academy represent the Prevention model, which is housed within our local schools. Our Prevention component has shaped and empowered the minds & literacy skills of one hundred and thirty seven (164) males.  One hundred and one (122) African-American males & nineteen (21) Caucasian males, eight (9) Hispanic/Latino and nine (12) Bi-racial.  *(unduplicated)

Surveys dating from 2006 through 2014 reflect data gathered from our Intervention model. Our Intervention component has shaped and empowered the minds & literacy skills of three hundred eighty (381) males.  Three hundred sixty-five (366) African-American males, thirteen (13) Caucasian males and two (2) Hispanic/Latino males.  *(unduplicated)

Our Prevention (Alternative Education) component has shaped and empowered the minds and literacy skills of thirty one (31) males. Twenty two (22) African-American males & five (5) Caucasian males, four (4) Hispanic/Latino.

Upon your examination of our program results, you will see for yourself that the methodology and tactics that have been utilized for over 14 years indeed “Spark Hope.  Ignite Optimism and Creates the Currents for a Brighter Future” for at-risk male youth and young adults.

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